Photo Stories

ICEM provides language training to all refugees accepted from resettlement.  Photo © IOM 1957 – HAT0207

Preparing for a New Life


To help refugees adjust to their new life ICEM provided them with necessary skills though English language and vocational training, and oriented them on the culture of their new countries.

A family of Hungarian refugees is intercepted by Austrian official at the Andau border. Photo:  © IOM 1956 –HAT0284

Seeking Refuge


The Hungarian Uprising of 1956, with anti-Soviet student protest that led to Soviet tanks being deployed on the streets of Budapest, sent some 180,000 refugees fleeing into Austria and 20,000 to then Yugoslavia.

An older escapee registers with an ICEM official. Photo © IOM 1958 – HAT0194

Leading a Hand


In response to the crisis, ICEM together with the host countries, quickly provided the Hungarian refugees with humanitarian aid like food, clothing and shelter.

© IOM 2011 (Photo by: Chris Lom)

Pakistan: Helping Stranded Villages in Western Tando Bago

An IOM team with the Pakistan Navy and a local non-governmental organization delivers 1,000 shelter and non-food item relief kits to families stranded in villages in the western Tando Bago area of Sindh’s flood-stricken Badin district. © IOM 2011 (Photo by: Chris Lom)