Photo Stories

Iván Cepeda Castro, member of the Colombian House of Representatives from Bogotá. His father was a militant in the 1980s in the Patriotic Union political party, and was killed by military groups in 1994. © Democratic Culture Foundation (Fucude)

Colombia publishes The Peace Library


The Colombian Government’s efforts to find peace through mediation with humanitarian goals and civil society initiatives have been compiled and published in The Peace Library or La Biblioteca de la Paz, a nine-volume series which follows presidential periods from 1982 until 2012, and the peace initiatives carried out by each president.

Responding to the Severe Drought in the Marshall Islands


The response to a severe drought in the Marshall Islands is entering its second phase, as initial deliveries of emergency food supplies, principally funded by USAID. IOM’s rapidly-established air and sea bridges have delivered an estimated 45 metric tons (100,000 pounds) of food to 677 households on islands over 400 miles (640 km) from Majuro.

IOM teams distributed non-food item kits for 800 Syrian refugees in two municipalities in South Lebanon on 4 July 2013. To date, IOM has distributed NFIs to 89,327 vulnerable Syrian refugees.
© IOM 2013 (Photo by Racha Challita)

Giving Aid to Syrian Refugees in South Lebanon


IOM has now provided over 100,000 Syrian refugees in Lebanon with non-food relief items since the beginning of the Syrian Crisis.

The morgue at the hospital number 9. GRUZ -200 (dead body cargo). 19-year-old citizen of Uzbekistan Abdusamad Fazliddinov hanged himself in insolation at preliminary detention number 4 after illegal interrogations conducted with him without a lawyer. Moscow. Russia

Labour Migration from Central Asia to Russia


"Millions of people from Central Asia migrate to Russia every year in search of work. The lives of millions of families depend on their remittance. Interdependence between Russia and Central Asia is increasing year by year. Personally, I don't know of any family who hasn't had someone go work in Russia... The inspiration for this ongoing project arose when my own father and brother were working abroad in Russia"