EU support of Serbia and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia in managing migration, refugee crisis - Balkan route

Title of Grant/Procurement contract Amount of grant/procurement contract Name of grant beneficiary or contractor Contract number Currency Date of Grant/Procurement Contract PC
Rental of vehicles 43,015.59 MBM RENTAL / Serbia 4600355006, 4600359921, 4600366162, 4600372038, 4600376470, 4600381331, 4600387747, 4600396067, 460040048 EUR RT.1319
Renovation and refurbishment in RC Kikinda 70,494.70 FINISH DEAL D.O.O./Serbia 4600395705 EUR RT.1319
Project Implementation Agreement 1,212,173.67 Catholic Relief Services (CRS)/Serbia 4600351742 EUR RT.1319
Purchase of furniture and Equipment for AC Tutin 28,935.00 EUROSALON/FABRIKA d.o.o. / Serbia 4600397065 EUR RT.1319
Purchase of Vehicles FYRoM 24,013.36 AVTOMOBILE SK / FYRoM 4600374906 EUR RT.1319
Construction works 295,284.44 GR SASA STAMENKOVIC/Serbia 4600386014 EUR RT.1319
Purchase and installation of two mobile clinics 91,700.00 WEST BEO CAR d.o.o. 4600381054 EUR RT.1319
Refurbishment in RC Krnjaca 23,938.56 FINISH DEAL D.O.O./Serbia 4600388234 EUR RT.1319