Life After Conflict: Community-Based Reintegration Support for Veterans of the Conflict in Eastern Ukraine and Their Families

Title of Grant/Procurement contract Amount of grant/procurement contract Name of grant beneficiary or contractor Contract number Currency Date of Grant/Procurement Contract PC
Implementation of psychosocial component under IP agreement 232,468.94 Charitable Organization Center of Mental Health and Trauma Therapy “Integration”, NGO (Ukraine) UA1-2019-054 EUR FC.0157
Implementation of social cohesion component in Dnipro region under IP agreement 60,346.45 Charitable Organization, Charity Foundation, Stabilization Support Services, NGO (Ukraine) UA1-2019-081-10 EUR FC.0157
Development and placement of social advertising under the information campaign on voluntary surrender of weapons 82,563.81 IQ LAB, LLC (Ukraine) UA1-2019-3076 EUR FC.0157
Implementation of social cohesion component in Kyiv region under IP agreement 71,043.95 INSHA OSVITA, NGO (Ukraine) UA1-2019-081-06 EUR FC.0157
Conduction of trainings on transition to civil employment, skills- building sessions and case management of project beneficiaries under IP agreement 267,011.47 Free People Employment Center, NGO (Ukraine) UA1-2019-037 EUR FC.0157
Implementation of social cohesion component in Lviv region under IP agreement 69,412.33 YOUTH ORGANIZATION STAN, NGO (Ukraine) UA1-2019-081-04 EUR FC.0157
Conduction of trainings on business development, skills- building sessions and provision of case management support for beneficiaries under IP agreement. 124,544.48 Ukrainian Association of Business Leaders, NGO (Ukraine) UA1-2019-165 EUR FC.0157
Information campaign on formation of a positive image of a veteran of the conflict in Eastern Ukraine 33,413.41 Stratcom UA, LLC (Ukraine) UA1-2019-3086 EUR FC.0157
Household-level social survey with Veterans of the conflict in eastern Ukraine and their families 31,258.33 Info Sapiens, LLC (Ukraine) UA1-2019-019 EUR FC.0157