Strengthening the Operational Capacities of the Turkish Coast Guard in Managing Migration Flows in the Mediterranean Sea

Title of Grant/Procurement contract Amount of grant/procurement contract Name of grant beneficiary or contractor Contract number Currency Date of Grant/Procurement Contract PC
Boat Engineer Consultant Salary 27,124.19 Eng Fatih DALKIRAN / Turkey 4600354395 EUR TC.0948
"Additional items to the SAR Boats: * MTU Tool Kit, * A valve between the bilge and fifi, * CCTV and Thermal Camera Recording, * Smoke Detector, * Secondary GPS * Step Lights" 31,579.00 Damen / The Netherlands 4600367601 EUR TC.0948
Accommodation and meeting package cost during Training of Trainers on IML in Antalya for the TCG and other law enforcement personnel 17,469.47 AKRA BARUT HOTEL / Turkey 4600395727 EUR TC.0948
IOM Ankara Office Rent 33,429.76 Mr ONUR MUHENDISLIK / Turkey 4600383321 EUR TC.0948
Search and Rescue Training in Europe for TCG 229,251.00 Damen / The Netherlands 4600336301 EUR TC.0948
"Additional items to the SAR Boats: * MTU Factory Level maintenance manual * Pasarella * Red Light above Stretcher * Fuel oil transfer pump" 21,283.00 Damen / The Netherlands 4600390941 EUR TC.0948
Psycosocial Training in Turkey for TCG 58,874.29 IZGOREN / Turkey 4600341522 EUR TC.0948