Supporting Libyan authorities to address COVID-19 related challenges and assisting vulnerable groups

Title of Grant/Procurement contract Amount of grant/procurement contract Name of grant beneficiary or contractor Contract number Currency Date of Grant/Procurement Contract PC
Rental Vehicle 17,191.68 0017801092-Almutahida Rent a car LLC 4500162729 EUR MP.0510
Prefab Unit 31,907.20 0017801227-Integrated solution 4500156781 EUR MP.0510
Prefab Unit 39,541.59 0017801227-Integrated solution 4500140618 EUR MP.0510
Medicines 16,461.30 0017801166-Alfaidd Group for operating requirm 4500163579 EUR MP.0510
Prefab Unit 25,690.73 0017800820-Almuntalaq for General construction 4500143155 EUR MP.0510
Workshop 18,823.460 0017801121-Movenpick Hotel du Lac 4500163662 EUR MP.0510
Prefab Unit 32,315.21 0017800800-AL AAFAK AL BAIDA COMPANY 4500144720 EUR MP.0510
Isolation Unit at Kufra 33,317.32 0017801397-Alwafa Almustaqbal 4500169319 EUR MP.0510
Prefab Unit 35,251.82 0054200005-Alnaizak Almuthi Company 4500162204 EUR MP.0510
RTE from WFP 1,100,000.00 0017800409-WORLD FOOD PROGRAMME 4600615769 EUR MP.0510
WASH rehabilitation in Tariq Esseka DC 26,253.72 0017801143-Al Daama Al Assasia for general Con 4500129541 EUR MP.0510