Supporting Recovery and Sustainable Solutions for Internally Displaced Persons and the Conflict-Affected Population in Ukraine

Title of Grant/Procurement contract Amount of grant/procurement contract Name of grant beneficiary or contractor Contract number Currency Date of Grant/Procurement Contract PC
Purchase Agreement #AR1324 for procurement of service vehicle (soft) 41,074.37 Limited Liability Company (LLC) “Agat Avto” (Ukraine) 4600369822 EUR CS.0855
Project Implementation Agreement #UA1-2017-011 for operation of the hotline for IDPs and conflict-effected population 49,434.31 Non-government organization (NGO) "Donbas SOS" (Ukraine) n/a EUR CS.0855
Purchase Order UA1-2017-067/1 for supply and delivery of IT equipment for State Border Guards Service of Ukraine 108,166.41 Limited Liability Company (LLC) “FOLGAT FTC” (Ukraine) 4600360660 EUR CS.0855