Sustainable Reintegration and Improve Migration Governance

Title of Grant/Procurement contract Amount of grant/procurement contract Name of grant beneficiary or contractor Contract number Currency Date of Grant/Procurement Contract PC
Furniture and Equipment for PRATTASHA 16,362.48 OTOBI Limited, Bangladesh 4600419883 EUR RT 1343
Building the Government of Bangladesh's Capacity in Reporting and Development of Annual Migration Report 16,526.14 Quay Asia Limited, Bangladesh LEG Approval code BGD/SERV/NA0310/2017 EUR RT 1343
Developing a "Comprehensive Framework on Migration Governance for Bangladesh" 20,173.53 Human Development Research Centre ( HDRC), Bangladesh LEG Approval code BGD/SERV/MTD170/2017 EUR RT 1343
Vehicle Purchase ( Toyota Land Cruiser Prado TXL 2018 50,874.14 NAVANA TOYOTA 3s Center, Bangladesh 4600454008 EUR RT 1343
Sustainable Reintegration and Improve Migration Governance 8,867,600.00 BRAC, Bangladesh LEG Approval code BGD/IMPL/JK0364/2017 EUR RT 1343
IT Equipment ( LAPTOP with Accessories) 24,475.36 Thakral Info Systems Provate LTD., Bangladesh 4600460191 EUR RT 1343
Developing indicators to Track Progress against Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and Seventh Five Year Plan (7FYP) 26,129.50 Business Climate, Bangladesh LEG Approval code BGD/SERV/LA0052/2018 EUR RT 1343