Helping Belarus address the phenomenon of increasing numbers of irregular migrants

Title of Grant/Procurement contract Amount of grant/procurement contract Name of grant beneficiary or contractorsort descending Contract number Currency* Date of Grant/Procurement Contract PC
Grant to the partner NGO: direct assitance to migrants 40,555.42 Belarusian Movement of Medical Workers LEG approval code: BLR/IMPL/KE0169/2019 EUR 06/01/19 TC.1079
Grant to the partner NGO: direct assitance to migrants 30,305.53 Belarusian Red Cross Society LEG approval code: BLR/IMPL/GS0222/2019 EUR 06/17/19 TC.1079
Supply of a conference set for simultaneous interpretation 16,186.35 LLC "BelKultProekt", Belarus PO #BY10-2019-61 EUR 07/02/19 TC.1079
Supply of IT equipment 30,158.44 LLC "DEKK International", Belarus PO#BY10-2019-183/1 EUR 12/06/19 TC.1079
Supply of IT equipment 39,268.80 LLC "Rofor", Belarus PO#BY10-2019-183/4 EUR 12/06/19 TC.1079
Supply of the vehicle 36,586.98 LLC "VitebskAutoCity", Belarus PO#BY10-2018-135 EUR 11/06/18 TC.1079
Development of predesign, design and estimate documentation, accomplishment of field supervision and geological survey 73,396.95 SLC "Eneca", Belarus Contract #П-07/19 EUR 03/11/19 TC.1079
Accomplishment of running repairs 33,666.51 SLC "INTERIERSTROY", Belarus Contract #18-06/2019 EUR 07/12/19 TC.1079
Grant to UNHCR for activities on asylum-seeking procedures 255,000.00 The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Belarus Project implementation agreement #2017-C10115 EUR 05/01/18 TC.1079