Support for Migration and Asylum Management in Ukraine

Title of Grant/Procurement contract Amount of grant/procurement contract Name of grant beneficiary or contractor Contract number Currency* Date of Grant/Procurement Contract PC
Supply Agreement for #UA1-2017-659 Load Application Balancers, Cooling System, UPS 205,006.00 LLC "IT-Integrator" (Ukraine) 4600403128 EUR 12/20/17 TC.1000
Supply Agreement #UA1-2017-099/2 for Multi-function Laser Devices, Digital Camera (SLR), Photography Equipment, Software Licenses (lot of 8 software/328 licenses) 380,208.00 Dekom BV (Netherlands) 4600378163 EUR 07/20/17 TC.1000
Supply Agreement #UA1-2017-099/1 for Desktop Computers with full-page document readers 206,792.60 LLC "Bankomzvjazok" (Ukraine) 4600380957 EUR 07/25/17 TC.1000
Supply Agreement #UA1-2017-099/5 Finger Print Readers + Training Courses for IT Staff (lot of 8 courses) 50,645.00 LLC "IT-Integrator" (Ukraine) 4600380951 EUR 07/27/17 TC.1000
Supply Agreement #UA1-2017-452 for High Performance Aggregation Routers 119,022.60 LLC "Winncom Ukraine LTD" (Ukraine) 4600395685 EUR 09/25/17 TC.1000
Supply Agreement #UA1-2017-099/3 for Regional Servers 74,107.88 LLC "Winncom Ukraine LTD" (Ukraine) 4600373473 EUR 07/24/17 TC.1000
Supply Agreement #UA1-2017-073/2 for Fortinet equipment and virtualization software 270,847.44 UNI Business Center bv (Netherlands) 4600391609 EUR 08/21/17 TC.1000
Supply Agreement #UA1-2017-073/1 for Cisco equipment 1,697,777.77 Dekom BV (Netherlands) 4600380731 EUR 08/01/17 TC.1000
Supply Agreement #UA1-2017-301 for Hitachi equipment 2,943,045.16 LLC "Si BiS" (Ukraine) 4600391324 EUR 09/05/17 TC.1000