Sustainable Reintegration and Improve Migration Governance

Title of Grant/Procurement contract Amount of grant/procurement contract Name of grant beneficiary or contractor Contract number Currency* Date of Grant/Procurement Contract PC
Building the Government of Bangladesh's Capacity in Reporting and Development of Annual Migration Report 16,526.14 Quay Asia Limited, Bangladesh LEG Approval code BGD/SERV/NA0310/2017 EUR 10/19/17 RT 1343
Developing a "Comprehensive Framework on Migration Governance for Bangladesh" 20,173.53 Human Development Research Centre ( HDRC), Bangladesh LEG Approval code BGD/SERV/MTD170/2017 EUR 09/01/18 RT 1343
Developing indicators to Track Progress against Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and Seventh Five Year Plan (7FYP) 26,129.50 Business Climate, Bangladesh LEG Approval code BGD/SERV/LA0052/2018 EUR 02/13/18 RT 1343
Sustainable Reintegration and Improve Migration Governance 8,867,600.00 BRAC, Bangladesh LEG Approval code BGD/IMPL/JK0364/2017 EUR 07/23/17 RT 1343
Furniture and Equipment for PRATTASHA 16,362.48 OTOBI Limited, Bangladesh 4600419883 EUR 03/29/18 RT 1343
IT Equipment ( LAPTOP with Accessories) 24,475.36 Thakral Info Systems Provate LTD., Bangladesh 4600460191 EUR 09/27/18 RT 1343
Vehicle Purchase ( Toyota Land Cruiser Prado TXL 2018 50,874.14 NAVANA TOYOTA 3s Center, Bangladesh 4600454008 EUR 09/16/18 RT 1343