Procurement Opportunities

Posting # Title Project Status Invitation to Bid (ITB) Ref. No. Category Publication Date Closing Date Mission Country Awarded Vendor Contract No. Awarded Value
31 INVITATION TO Sign LTAs for NFIs items(LOCAL SUPPLIERS ONLY) Goods 19 Aug 2016 23 Aug 2016 Erbil, Iraq
30 Request for Proposals: Service Provider for the Data collection services for SGBV KAP survey RFP No.: JUB-MHU-0259 Services 16 Aug 2016 02 Oct 2016 Juba, South Sudan
29 INVITATION FOR BIDS: Supply and Delivery of Mobotix Short Range Fixed Surveillance Cameras, Network Attached Servers and Installation of the 3,000m Fiberoptic Network Infrastructure (LOCAL TENDER ONLY) IFB No.: GE10-4300152265 Goods 11 Aug 2016 01 Sep 2016 Tbilisi, Georgia
28 REQUEST FOR QUOTATIONS: Supply and Delivery of the various Radio Communication Equipment RFQ No. GE10-4300152275 Goods 11 Aug 2016 12 Sep 2016 Tbilisi, Georgia
27 INVITATION FOR BIDS: SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF FLIR Daylight and Thermal Surveillance (P/T/Z) Multi-Sensor systems IFB No.: GE10-4300152274 Goods 11 Aug 2016 12 Sep 2016 Tbilisi, Georgia
26 REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS: Supply, Delivery, Installation, Integration, Implementation and Support for Global User Support Ticketing System RFP2016.01ICT Services 10 Aug 2016 05 Sep 2016 Manila, Philippines
25 REQUEST FOR QUOTATIONS: Handheld Radio Terminals and Programming Tools IOMSKP 095/16 Goods 28 Jul 2016 30 Aug 2016 Skopje, Republic of Macedonia
24 REQUEST FOR QUOTATIONS: Hand Thermal Camera w/ Detection Range 1–3 km IOMSKP 094/16 Goods 28 Jul 2016 26 Aug 2016 Skopje, Republic of Macedonia
23 Request for Quotation (RFQ) and General Instruction to Contractors (GIC) IFB No.: EPRU-001-2016 Services 22 Jul 2016 17 Aug 2016 Borongan, Eastern Samar - Philippines
22 Supply and delivery of Local Deployable Coordination & Communication Centre, Mobile Surveillance System Equipped with EO-IR cameras and Radar and Mobile Surveillance System Equipped with EO-IR Cameras IFB No. IOMSKP 086/16 Goods 21 Jul 2016 02 Sep 2016 IOM Skopje, Republic of Macedonia