Procurement Opportunities

Posting # Title Project Status Invitation to Bid (ITB) Ref. No. Category Publication Date Closing Date Mission Country Awarded Vendor Contract No. Awarded Value
367 Service Agreement for Collection of Sewage, Garbage and Supply of Clean Water to IOM Juba Office Compound Long-Term Agreement (LTA) Ongoing JUBLOG194579 Services 07 Jun 2019 14 Jun 2019 South Sudan
366 Supply and Delivery of Personal Radiation Detectors for the Needs of Customs Service of the Republic of Moldova Enhancing Integrated Border Management along the Ukraine-Moldova Border Project Ongoing UA1-2019-1583 Goods 07 Jun 2019 08 Jul 2019 Ukraine
365 Development of a Draft National Master Plan for Kahriz Revitalization in Azerbaijan Cancelled KOICA-AZ-002/2019 Services 06 Jun 2019 08 Jul 2019 Azerbaijan
364 Services: Mapping Locations, Conducting Technical Assessments and Developing a Bilingual Atlas of Kahrizes across Azerbaijan Development of a Bilingual Atlas of Kahrizes in Azerbaijan Cancelled Services 29 May 2019 07 Jul 2019 Azerbaijan
363 Development/Creation of Online Platform for IOM Djibouti Ongoing DJB-19-EU001_Platform Services 29 May 2019 06 Jun 2019 Djibouti
362 Supply and Delivery of Contraband Detection Kits Enchancing IBM along Ukraine-Moldova Border Closed UA1-2019-1573 Goods 23 May 2019 12 Jun 2019 Ukraine GRAIDCO Global Relief, Aid & Development Company B.V. UA1-2019-1573 EUR 33,276.18
361 Supply and Delivery of Kerosene Heaters Ongoing Ref # 1874 Goods 22 May 2019 29 May 2019 Iraq
360 Services: Development of Methodologies for Capturing Diaspora Economic Contributions Integrating Knowledge Generation and Dissemination for the Protection of Migrants Closed Services 21 May 2019 07 Jun 2019 Egypt DMA Global Ltd. EGY-/SERV/CG/July2019 50,130
359 Provide Small Business Grants to SMEs Development Support to Small and Medium Enterprises Ongoing Services 21 May 2019 30 May 2019 Iraq
358 Services: Fournir Une Assistance Spécialisée À Des Cas Vulnérables Identifies Dans La Protection Au Burundi Human Security Enhancement Project for Communities Affected by Human Trafficking Ongoing Services 17 May 2019 07 Jun 2019 Burundi