Raising Awareness of Migrant Rights and Obligations in Thailand

This project is a joint effort of IOM, the Ministry of Labour and the National Human Rights Commission of Thailand. It seeks to improve the living and working conditions of migrants in Thailand by raising awareness about their rights and welfare among government officials, employers, and members of migrant and host communities.

Funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) , it is the second phase of a project launched in 2004 that included consultative meetings, awareness-raising courses, training of trainers and migrant rights workshops.

In 2007, IOM began the second phase, under the theme “Migrant Rights Capacity Building for Government Officials, Employers, Burmese Migrants and Host Communities in Thailand”.  Phase 2 of the project will build the skills, knowledge and resources of the national institutions that will carry out awareness-raising activities on migrant rights and obligations.

Sharing knowledge and adding to the understanding of migrant rights and obligations is a vital step towards improving the situation of migrant workers in Thailand. Topics of interest include the overall social and economic implications of international migration, the contribution of migrants to Thailand’s economy, and the national legal framework concerning the rights and obligations of migrant workers.

Key Objectives

The project’s key objectives are:

  • To keep supporting the Ministry of Labour and National Human Rights Commission of Thailand in carrying out awareness-raising workshops on migrant rights and obligations.
  • To raise awareness of abusive and exploitative labour practices among concerned community members.
  • To improve the dissemination and exchange of information about government policies on labour migration issues among labour offices, employers, migrants and the general public.
  • To raise awareness and develop the skills, knowledge and resources of employers and members of migrant communities to respect and uphold the basic rights of migrants and to assist migrants.
  • To research on labour migration from Burma to Thailand. The study will analyze the living and working conditions of Burmese migrants and their registration levels in Thailand.


  • Government officials from the Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, Ministry of Public Health, and Ministry of Education
  • NGO officers
  • Employers of migrant workers
  • Burmese, Laotian and Khmer migrant workers and their family members in Thailand
  • Civil society

Concrete Benefits

  • The project will make government officials, employers of migrants, migrants, officers of local and international organizations, the academe, and civil society more aware of migrant rights and obligations in Thailand.
  • Information on migration policies will be disseminated and exchanged among stakeholders.

Principle IOM Activities

  • Develop additional workshop courses and materials for government officials and NGO officers.
  • Carry out Migrant Rights Workshops for government officials and NGO officers.
  • Conduct a Trainer Refresher Workshop.
  • Produce and distribute information materials for migrants in their native languages, on their rights and obligations under different settings of living and working in Thailand.
  • Develop information kits for employers including an Employer’s Handbook and video CD.
  • Produce newsletters in English, Thai and migrant languages with important information for migrants and other stakeholders.
  • Organize a National Labour Migration Conference to promote discussion among policy makers, administrators, employers and other representatives of civil society.
  • Research on a “Study for Considering the Occupations of Migrant Workers in Thailand”.