In post-conflict settings or situations characterized by violations of International Humanitarian Law or International Human Rights Law, IOM, as an impartial broker, supports States to design and implement reparation measures.  

IOM’s reparation programmes help people and communities who have survived human rights violations during conflict or political crisis to rebuild their lives through the provision of compensation payments, vocational training, access to health care, education and other services. 

IOM aims to strengthen trust between institutions and affected communities by providing expert advice, technical assistance and capacity building to governments. Additionally, IOM develops claim forms and standard operating procedures, information management systems, delivery models as well as accountability, monitoring and other mechanisms, in coordination with governments. 

The Organization also provides assistance to victims of human rights violations as a result of conflict, communal violence, organized persecution or systematic exploitation, often resulting in displacement and increased vulnerability on behalf of state governments. 

The eligibility of beneficiaries is based on public recognition of the perpetrated human rights violations on individual or collective bases. The type of assistance is determined on the basis of vulnerability levels as well as protection, reintegration, social inclusion and recovery needs.