Beware of spam emails purporting to be from IOM telling recipients they have won a lotto draw. These are fraudulent  and designed to fool people and opening them up to identity theft and loss of money. IOM condemns the unauthorized use of its logo and will take appropriate action to stop such fraudulent practices 


These letters do not originate from IOM and they are not in any way associated with IOM activities.

Such use of IOM’s name and logo is unauthorized and illegal. IOM takes this matter seriously and takes appropriate actions against such fraudulent practices.

IOM strongly advises the public to be cautious of these and other similar fradulent e-mails that falsely claim association with IOM. Any transfer of personal information or money to those issuing such fradulent e-mails can result in identity theft, financial loss and other damages. IOM shall not be held liable for any claims, pertaining to fraudulent schemes including but not limited to claims resulting from theft, loss or damage.

If you think you have received a suspicious e-mail, forward it to