Seminar Series

In the framework of the production of the World Migration Report (WMR), the International Organization for Migration (IOM) organizes open seminars, focusing on the theme of the year’s report.

These seminars enable the authors of the background and working papers for the WMR, as well as other prominent academics and practitioners in the migration field, to explain and discuss their findings. Previous seminars have focused on regional trends, issues in migration governance, and specific migration opportunities and challenges.

Colleagues from international agencies as well as any other interested parties are invited to participate in the discussions at IOM's Headquarters.

WMR Seminars

WMR 2015 Seminars

WMR 2013 Seminars

WMR 2011 Seminars

WMR 2010 Seminars

For more information, contact Migration Research Division, International Organization for Migration, Tel. +41 22 717 9381, Email