Jack Monedi
Director, Department of Home Affairs, South Africa

Jack Monedi is a Chief Director in the Department of Home Affairs in South Africa responsible for permits. The permitting function falls within the Immigration Branch in the Department of Home Affairs. Mr. Monedi has been in the Department of Home Affairs over the last eight years, four years of those within the immigration management environment. Mr. Monedi possesses three qualifications, BA in Education, Honours in History and Masters in International Studies. The MA degree was obtained in the UK at the University of Durham in the year 2000. Mr. Monedi has participated in various international conferences on migration management including the GFMD here in Geneva (2011), Mauritius preparatory conference for the 2012 GFMD and numerous SADC migration management conferences. As a Chief Director for Permits and based on the geopolitical position of South Africa in the SADC region, Mr. Monedi advocates for organized easing of movement for foreign migrants for the development of both sending and receiving countries as the presentation will indicate.