IOM’s Staff Welfare

Our individual and collective health and wellbeing is vital to us as employees and as colleagues, so that we can produce our work efficiently and with compassion for the people we serve.

This page offers information and resources to help IOM staff reflect and learn about their own skills, talents and coping mechanisms. We have provided information on a number of modules to help you look at your wellbeing and mental health. The modules are:

Understanding and accepting difference – here is an opportunity to review and consider our approaches to mental health. How inclusive are we?  

Giving and getting help – how good is your self-care? You can explore this through a presentation which includes advice from colleagues. Managers also have an opportunity, through an online program, to review relevant information in how to recognize and support staff with mental health problems.

My wellbeing – how easy it is to forget to look after ourselves as we work to help others. The online programmes on wellbeing and stress management will help you think about how well you look after yourself and have recommendations on enhancing your approach.

My mental health – some of us may develop more serious mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, substance use and adverse reactions to critical incidents. These animations will help you learn more about each one and how to get help. 


accepting and understanding differencegiving and getting helpmy mental healthwellbeinglooking after us

We also have other online programmes: Deployment, and Robust Emergency Management. We have begun a library of reading material and links on wellbeing and mental health. We will also be sending a bulletin regularly.

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