For Every Difficulty I Face, Someone Else Will Be Safer

For Every Difficulty I Face, Someone Else Will Be Safer 
Yasmeen Elkanouni, Operations Assistant for IOM in Libya 


Working in the humanitarian field in Libya means having values and a deep understanding of the thousands of people that need of our help despite race, ethnicity, religion or social status. We are working towards a common goal: to ensure aid reaches populations affected by crises with respect and dignity. 

The feeling of satisfaction I get from being in the field, responding to the urgent call of assistance from migrant children, women and men is something that words fail to describe. Giving hope to another human being and putting a smile on their faces brings me so much joy, and I am happy that working in the International Organization for Migration in Libya has allowed me to do so.  

Working in Libya is challenging at times because of the unstable security situation, but we are here because thousands of displaced families and stranded migrants need our assistance. Sometimes our emotions get the best of us, despite attempts to stay strong when faced with so much pain. I met hundreds of strong people here in Libya, and their resilience gives me strength to carry on.     

Being a woman in the humanitarian field and in Libya can bring an added challenge. I have seen migrant women in this field who inspired me with their endurance and strength. It takes time to change public perception, but I believe that hard work and persistence will help more women claim their place in our society.   

Many people told me that the field I chose is difficult, risky at times, and emotionally draining. For every risk I take, someone else will be safer; for every hardship I face, someone will have an improved life; and for every pain I endure, I will be relieving a small part of someone else’s pain.  Many women have dedicated their souls and time to aid those who are in need.  The challenges, no matter how difficult, will not stand in our way.