We All Have an Obligation to Alleviate Suffering and Give People Strength

We All Have an Obligation to Alleviate Suffering and Give People Strength 

 Laraine Lau, Emergency Project Assistant for IOM in Peru 


In 2017 I joined IOM Peru to help communities affected by the El Niño, which affected communities in the Cura Mori and Catacaos and Catacaos Districts. The next year our focus transitioned to supporting venezuelan families. I am working in Tumbes on the northern border of Perú. 

Being a humanitarian is about having a vocation of service, it’s about alleviating human suffering and above all supporting them with their basic needs of health and nutrition. It is about protecting them and helping them migrate without suffering.  

Our teams provide them with information to help them escape humanitarian crises, to manage the emotional strain they endure during the journey of displacement, and to give them moral support so they can recover and continue with resilience. We focus on assisting people who are the most vulnerable to harm: young children and expectant mothers.  

How would I want them to see me? As more than a benefactor who gives them donations. I want them to listen to the training we give them, to take the information and learn from it so they can overcome adversity and protect themselves and their families.  

We all have an obligation to be able to help migrants and give them strength without asking for anything in return. We can all do it. We are all humanitarians.