Guided by the new and emerging responsibilities described in the Strategic Vision (2019-2023), IOM has developed a Strategic Results Framework (SRF). The SRF breaks down what we aim to achieve, and how this can be accomplished. It aims to boost coherence by incorporating content from other IOM strategy documents and frameworks (IOM Migration Data Strategy, IOM Institutional Strategy on Migration and Sustainable Development, IOM Migration Governance Framework as well as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Global Compact for Migration (GCM).


Overarching global objectives

The SRF describes four IOM overarching global objectives, accompanied by a limited number of long-term and short-term outcomes, and outputs below that. When taken together, these articulate how IOM will contribute to its highest-level objectives, which facilitates results-oriented thinking and adaptive management within IOM.

Summary of the SRF’s overall structure and its four external Objectives
Summary of the SRF’s overall structure and its four external Objectives


The SRF also has a section with Cross-cutting Priorities, capturing the workstreams and approaches that are of relevance across IOM’s programming (see below). Its Organizational Effectiveness section showcases IOM’s efforts to strengthen the broader internal functions of the Organization to realize staff potential, harness efficiencies and bolster internal performance, effectiveness and ultimately, impact.

Overall Priorities:

  1. Humanitarian Development Peace Nexus
  2. Diversity Inclusion (includes Gender, Disability Inclusion, and any other diversity related elements)
  3. PSEAH - Prevention of (and Response) to Sexual Exploitation and Abuse and Harassment
  4. Youth
  5. AAP - Accountability to Affected Populations

How was the SRF developed?

The SRF was developed through a multi-layered consultation process with inter-departmental drafting sessions, thus warranting the systematic inclusion of a wide range of IOM strategic documents and approaches and their respective reporting requirements.

The endorsement of the SRF’s programmatic and cross-cutting priorities1 by the Director General in December 2021 represents an important waypoint in IOM’s journey toward more impactful reporting. At present, IOM reports on projects in a decentralized manner, in line with the highly projectized nature of the Organization. The SRF effectively turns these project-related results into coherent and reliable organization-wide reporting. This year, IOM is gradually rolling out this new, SRF-based approach in PRIMA to facilitate aggregate results reporting and increased accountability to donors, as well as streamlined data collection leading to efficiency gains.

Simultaneously, the SRF’s third and final section on Organizational Effectiveness and Efficiency was finalized (mid-2022) and is currently undergoing internal sign-off.


Strategic Results Framework

The Strategic Results Framework (SRF) provides a concrete roadmap for the implementation of IOM’s Strategic Vision, with four overarching global objectives and clear linkages to each of the regional strategies. The SRF serves as a canvas for results-based planning and reporting against the Strategic Vision as well as the global frameworks.

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