From July 3 to September 17, professional and emerging filmmakers are invited to submit original films on our theme: the promise and challenges of migration and the unique contributions migrants make to their new communities. Films that challenge negative perceptions of migrants, defy stereotypes and portray positive and welcoming actions by and toward migrants are encouraged.




Professional filmmakers working in all genres are invited to submit films on festival themes of at least 25 minutes in length to be considered by a committee of international film professionals.

Emerging filmmakers from 92 select countries  are invited to submit films on festival themes of at least 25 minutes in length for the festival and a competition. A committee of international film professionals will select three films and winners will each receive a prize of $1,500.

Filmmakers from 92 select countries who have migrated in their lifetime are also invited to submit 1 – 5 minute video profiles about their own experience or video profiles of other migrants, that will become part of IOM’s i am a migrant campaign and considered for screening at the 2017 film festival.  Twenty i am a migrant videos will be selected and winners will receive $100. The submission deadline for the ‘i am a migrant’ category has been extended until 31st October. Participants should send their film with the completed and signed submission form via WeTransfer to Please read the submission form for more information on the rules and requirements and on how to submit your film.


Global Migration Film Festivals around the world will be able to choose films to screen from the official selection list