Transition and Peacebuilding

Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration (DDR)

The successful reintegration of former combatants is recognized as a key factor in successful peace-building, addressing the need for immediate security and longer-term recovery in the transition from war to peace. IOM supports DDR efforts by focusing principally on successful reintegration, supporting former combatants to transition to civilian life and by supporting communities to recovery, absorb and support returning former fighters and other conflict affected populations through socio-economic recovery, social cohesion programming and a broad array of peacebuilding support interventions.  IOM’s efforts support reconciliation at the national and community level and contribute to restoring trust through confidence-building measures to help prevent or mitigate future violent conflict. Direct assistance to former combatants and to host communities may include health services, psychosocial assistance, livelihoods assistance, social cohesion activities and reconciliation among other needs defined by the context.

Countering Violent Extremism (CVE)

CVE is a growing area of practice for IOM but is integrally related to a wide array of existing IOM activities including support for at-risk youth, promoting resilience and stability, supporting psycho-social prevention and recovery, reintegration assistance for former fighter, managing conflict and generally mitigating drivers of forced migration.  An array of push and pull factors are recognized as contributing to vulnerability to radicalization. For IOM, CVE is fundamentally a prevention effort, and is carefully distinguished from counter-terrorism initiatives.  

Elections Support

Additionally, IOM provides support to governments as part of their efforts to expand the access of migrant communities to democratic electoral process in their countries or territories of origin. The strengthening of democratic institutions through the promotion of national and local elections is a fundamental component of democracy, human rights, conflict prevention in third countries, and community stabilization. Within this framework, IOM focuses its activities providing access to voting to the Diaspora, supporting the EU Election Observation Missions in third countries and assisting governments in the enfranchisement of internally displaced groups.