Ihma Shareef: the challenges of immigration border management in the Pacific

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The Pacific region is facing an array of economic, security and environmental challenges, particularly with the depletion of natural resources and the stress on livelihoods that come with climate change. States in the region have therefore recognized that visas and mobility offer critical pathways that can help the region to not only cope but also thrive in this environment. Ihma Shareef, International Organization for Migration (IOM) Regional Border and Identity Solutions Officer, talks about the importance of understanding the needs and challenges of immigration and border management to improve cooperation and find solutions at IOM’s 3-day “regional thematic meeting” in Vanuatu from 03-05 April 2019. The meetings were held in the framework of the “ACP-EU Migration Action” programme to discuss visas, regulated mobility and ways to strengthen national migration management policies in the Pacific region.