World Humanitarian Day 2019


This World Humanitarian Day, IOM honours women working on the frontlines of crises around the world.   

Humanitarian interventions are effective and inclusive when women are involved in every aspect of the response.  Many women working for IOM have themselves lived through and responded to emergencies, conflicts or disasters in their own communities before beginning their careers as humanitarians.   

All strive to encourage resilience through their work and make a lasting impact on the lives of people on the move.   

Here are some of their stories.  

This World Humanitarian Day, IOM honours women working on the frontlines of crises around the world.

After surviving Ebola, Giresse now works to educates her community about how they can prevent the spread of the disease in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. She is a Frontline Worker at an IOM Point of Control where travelers are screened for symptoms of the disease. Watch here

As a psychologist for IOM in Niger, Jamila Hamidou Marafa provides hope and support to migrant women and children transiting through Agadez. Watch here


World Humanitarian Day Stories

Touching People’s Lives: The Joy and Challenge of Being a Humanitarian


Nihan Barutçu,  Social Worker for IOM in Turkey 


Former Refugee Builds New Life and Defies Stereotypes in South Sudan


Rose Opani, Driver for IOM in South Sudan 


We All Have an Obligation to Alleviate Suffering and Give People Strength

Laraine Lau, Emergency Project Assistant for IOM in Peru (Read in Spanish)

For Every Difficulty I Face, Someone Else Will Be Safer


Yasmeen Elkanouni, Operations Assistant for IOM in Libya 


No Choice But to Move Forward When Overcoming Adversity


Natalia Pascual, Regional Capacity Building Officer for Emergency and Post Crisis for IOM in Panamá (Read in Spanish)


When We Build Bonds with Migrants, We Become Part of Their Story


Elham Elgaid, Protection Team Leader for IOM in Libya 


Humanitarian Work is an Investment of Heart and Soul


Rosemary Kabui, Civil Engineer and Site Planner for IOM in Iraq 


A Woman for Others on the Frontline of Ebola


Carine Libango, Risk Communication and Community Engagement Officer for IOM in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (Read in French)