Where We Operate

With close to 350,000 migration health assessments provided in more than 80 countries every year, IOM is the largest global provider of migration-related health assessment services. Delivering and managing such programmes, practices and systems focused on the health aspects of migration increasingly requires an organized and integrated response, comprising scientific, technical, regulatory, operational and social elements.

IOM’s experience and capacity in this regard is unmatched internationally. IOM is currently operating through more than 55 Migration Health Assessment Centres in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East, equipped with digital radiology and informatics support technology, including tele-medicine and tele-radiology; mobile teams for refugee processing in remote areas; over 15 laboratories, and a large network of service providers and cooperating centres.

The IOM health workforce across its programmes includes over 165 medical doctors, more than 600 nurses, laboratory and radiology technicians and other health professionals, and some 400 operations and administrative staff also involved in health programmes.