Who We Serve

IOM’s HAP’s primary stakeholders are the migrants served, the Organization, its Member States, and the international health community. IOM is accountable to its stakeholders for the delivery of migration health assessment services which are technically sound and accurate, uphold national and international health legislation, are delivered in a timely and efficient manner, and are beneficial, accessible and equitable for migrants. Specifically, IOM is accountable for the delivery of migration health assessment services which respect fundamental global health principles and strategies, as well as the dignity and self-determination of migrants, and are administered by technically competent and qualified personnel who adhere to established ethical standards.

In 2015, IOM conducted more than 346,000 migration health assessments, covering both immigrants (64.9%) and refugees (35.1%) in more than 80 countries. The majority of the health assessments were conducted in Asia (45%), followed by Africa (28.8%), Middle East (13.6%) and Europe (12.6%). This represents steady growth in the number of global migration health assessment activities conducted by IOM over the last five years.

In 2015, the top countries of destination for migrants assisted by IOM were the United States (38.4%) and the United Kingdom (29.8%). Slightly over half of migrants screened were female (53%), and comparable sex distributions were observed regardless of the type of migrant. Overall, the population of migrants screened in 2015 had a median age of 24 years, but refugees were generally younger with a median age of only 19 years while immigrants had a median age of 26 years. The majority (65.2%) was below the age of 30. There was a slight variation in age distribution between immigrants and refugees. Minor regional differences in age distribution were also observed within similar categories of migrants.