Communities around the world have responded to COVID-19 with strong cooperation and solidarity. Some, however, have found in it a pretext to scapegoat foreign nationals and the most vulnerable, blaming them for the virus’ spread.

Racist and xenophobic incidents have been widespread. IOM is concerned that xenophobia will further increase, exacerbated by social tensions created by the projected economic downturn.

As countries around the world take the first steps towards re-opening their societies, we must continue fighting xenophobia.  

Now more than ever, the safety of our society depends on the effective protection of the most vulnerable. Respect for the rights of all, including migrants, will maximize our success in curbing the pandemic and promoting an inclusive recovery.



IOM launches a new video series to fight xenophobia.

There is no link between Coronavirus and a person's nationality or identity.

During the outbreak, migrant have often been victims of stigma and false narratives.

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IOM continues to promote an inclusive response to COVID-19


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