Brief description of the CCCM context in Yemen

Increasing instability and deepening political crises in Yemen have induced major displacements. In the southern Abyan Governorate, the government’s military campaign against insurgents has displaced over 25,000 individuals within the governorate and over 100,000 more to nearby Aden. Moreo-ver, the Sixth Sa’ada War displaced more than 300,000 indi-viduals throughout northern Yemen. Despite these condi-tions, migrants and asylum-seekers continue to arrive by sea, with increased arrivals during the recent drought and famine in the Horn of Africa. In 2011, an unprecedented 103,154 migrants, refugees and asylum-seekers arrived along the Red Sea and Arabian coasts.

Training activities

Awareness-raising on the dangers of irregular migration for stranded migrants at the IOM Departure Centre in Haradh.

Latest achievements

  • In the south, assisted displaced families in host commu-nities and spontaneous settlements in Abyan. Since June 2011, distributed 5,361 NFI/shelter assistance kits to more than 32,000 displaced individuals.
  • In the northern Al-Jawf Governorate, assisted IDPs in host communities, spontaneous settlements and conflict-affected communities since 2010. In 2011, supported 91 newly-displaced families (637 individuals) in the gover-norate with tents and NFI kits.
  • Operates a transit facility in Haradh, Hajjah Governorate to assist irregular Ethiopian migrants who have unsuc-cessfully attempted to cross into Saudi Arabia or have been forcibly returned to Yemen by Saudi border guards. Due to lack of funding and unprecedented migrant in-flows, the facility is operating well above its capacity.
  • In partnership with the Yemen Red Crescent Society, operates a shelter in Haradh for particularly vulnerable stranded women and children migrants.
  • In June 2012, officially assumed the role of CCCM/Shelter/NFI Cluster Co-lead with UNHCR at the national and sub-national levels. At the sub-regional level, IOM coordinates CCCM activities in Aden and Haradh.

Areas in need of global cluster support

CCCM training for implementing partners on the Camp Man-agement Toolkit to improve quality of services.

Plans for 2012 to 2013

  • Actively participate in CCCM Cluster activities in Sana’a and the field, especially Aden and Haradh.
  • Strengthen camp management oversight and service provision for stranded migrants in Haradh.
  • Conduct an assessment on the destruction of shelters in Abyan Governorate, and provide assistance to the most-affected for the rehabilitation of homes.
  • Strengthen IOM Yemen’s camp management capacity and expertise.