Approaches to Data Collection and Data Management (2003)

8 - 9 September 2003
International Conference Centre of Geneva (CICG), Geneva, Switzerland

Bringing together migration policy makers and migration data management experts from IOM Member and Observer States, as well as specialists from international and academic organizations, the workshop

  1. demonstrates the importance of reliable information and statistics for policy makers throughout the continuum of the migration process, and the range of uses of this data by all levels of government, as well as other instititutions, and
  2. focuses on challenges and effective approaches to national, regional and international migration data collection and management

The approach of the workshop is practical. It includes plenary presentations looking at data from global, regional and national perspectives, as well as working groups for more informal discussions and exchange of practical experience. The workshop offers the opportunity for participants to share tools and approaches and to develop networks for further cooperation.

Agenda and Documents


  • Issues and Challenges to Data Collection and Management
    • Mr. Gervais Appave, Director, IOM Migration Policy and Research Programme

Panel: The Global Perspective - Data Needs at the Global Level

  • The Programme of the United Nations Statistics Division on the Development of International Migration Statistics
    • Ms. Tiziana Leone, Associate Demographer, United Nations Statistics Division
  • The International Migration Stock: A Global View
    • Ms. Keiko Osaki, Population Affairs Officer, United Nations Population Division

Panel: The National Perspective - Sources of Data and Data Need at the National Level

  • Atelier sur les approches en matière de collecte et de gestion des données
    • Mr. Abderrahmane Zahi, Secrétaire Général, Fondation Hassan II pour les Marocains Résidant à l'Etranger, Maroc 
  • Knowledge of Migrations in France
    • Mr. Guy Desplanques, Chef du Département de la Démographie, Institut national de la statistique et des études économiques, France
  • Observatoire des migrations internationales ouest-africaines: Perspectives et enjeux
    • Ms. Nelly Robin, Responsable de l'unité mixte de recherche, IRD-OIM, Dakar
  • Migration and Asylum Statistics: Policy Needs and the Commission's Action Plan on Statistics
    • Ms. Ann Singleton, Policy on Statistics, Justice and Home Affairs Directorate-General, European Commission

Panel: The Regional Perspective - Operationalizing the Link Between Data, Policy and Legislative

  • Statistical Information System on Migrations in Central America (SIEMCA)
    • Ms. Alicia Maguid, SIEMCA Project Coordinator, IOM Regional Office for Central America and Mexico
  • Inter Governmental Consultations on Asylum, Refugee and Migration Policies in Europe, North America and Australia
    • Mr. Harald Freidrich, Programme Officer, IGC Secretariat
  • (no document)
    • Mr. Claude Langlois, Research Manager, Strategic Research and Data, Citizenship and Immigration, Canada
  • The Development of a "Generic Model" for the Collection, Application and Sharing of Migration Data - An Emerging Approach with Focus on National Ownership and Capacity Building
    • Mr. Claus Folden, IOM Technical Cooperation Centre, Vienna, and Mr. Thomas Mortensen, Danish Immigration Service

Panel: Effective Practices in the Use of Migration Data/Key Statistical Indicators - Data Elements and Gaps

  • Filling the Data Gap: Lessons from the Migration Information Source
    • Ms. Kimberly Hamilton, Managing Editor, The Migration Information Source, Migration Policy Institute
  • Migration Data Collection and Management: Elements of Data
    • Mr. Gervais Appave, Migration Policy and Research Programme, IOM
  • Challenges and Effective Approaches to National, Regional and International Migration
    • Mr. Gervais Appave, Migration Policy and Research Programme, IOM

Breakout Sessions

  • Working Group A: Data on Migration and Security
  • Working Group B: Data on Migration and Development
  • Working Group C: Data on Labour Migration
  • Working Group D: Data on Trafficking of Human Beings