Defining Moment

We have reached a defining moment in the global approach to migration, and it is time for a new IOM strategic direction and renewed energy to deliver on the promise of migration. Migration is and has been for centuries, a cornerstone of development, prosperity, and progress for many. As the world faces major global transformations – from climate change, demographic transition, and urbanization to digitalization–migration can and should be part of the solution. The Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration and the United Nations Secretary-General’s Action Agenda on Internal Displacement provide a road map through which the full potential of migration can be harnessed, and displacement crises resolved, leaving no one behind.


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Harnessing the Power of Migration

Comprehensive solutions to the world’s biggest challenges – from poverty and inequality to climate change, and conflict – are all inextricably linked to migration. IOM knows that migration has the power to transform the lives of individuals, their families, their communities and societies for the better. It is clear that the Sustainable Development Goals cannot be reached without safe, orderly and regular migration. For this reason, our vision is: to deliver on the promise of migration, while supporting the world’s most vulnerable.


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IOM Strategic Plan 2024-2028

IOM Strategic Plan


Framework Architecture

Strategic Plan Framework Architecture

The Strategic Plan results architecture sets out how we will achieve our vision and contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. This Strategic Plan is complemented by the Strategic Results Framework (SRF),which outlines the theory of change underpinning the Plan.





Objective 1

Saving lives and protecting people on the move

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Objective 1
Objective 2

driving solutions to displacement

Objective 2

Driving solutions to displacement

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facilitating pathways

Objective 3

Facilitating pathways for regular migration

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Objective 3



IOM’s diverse and capable people are our most valued asset. Through investing in better workforce planning and people management, we will facilitate their professional development and improve their daily workplace experience. IOM will have flexible systems and procedures in place to ensure it can adapt to the future of work while ensuring the well-being of its staff and creating an inclusive, supportive work environment. We are committed to security risk-based solutions to continue to enhance staff safety. Our leadership will have the ability to connect, motivate and inspire a sense of our shared vision and values.


Long-term partnerships built on trust mean that we will have the right networks and entry points in place to deliver multidimensional, whole-of-society and whole-of-government solutions. We are committed to developing more equitable partnerships with national and local actors and advocating that they play a more central role in developing and delivering migration-related policies and programming. We will leverage our convening role on migration, not least through our role as Coordinator and Secretariat of the United Nations Network on Migration and our membership of the Inter-Agency Standing Committee.


IOM’s vision will only be realized with significant financial investment and better quality funding. While the Organization continues to receive high volumes of project funding, a strong value proposition based on a clear strategic direction, proven impact and efficient use of resources will attract more flexible, multi-year funding. Improved innovative financing capacity will be used to complement traditional resource mobilization approaches. While we will continue to deliver projects, IOM aspires to shift to programmes comprising a mix of short-, medium- and long-term interventions.

Data and Evidence

IOM will be the pre-eminent source of migration and displacement data for action, which help save lives and deliver solutions; data for insight, which help facilitate regular migration pathways; and data for foresight, which help drive anticipatory action. IOM will have the systems and data fluency to collect, safely store, analyse, share and apply disaggregated data and evidence across the mobility spectrum. Our extensive data and research repositories will underpin evidence-based policies and practices. Data will be central to the internal decision-making and management of the Organization.

learning and innovation

As an innovator within the migration space, solution-focused thinking will be evident throughout our global operations and programmes. Our comprehensive knowledge management practices will allow IOM to conceive and scale solutions to some of the most significant challenges facing the world. We will use existing and emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence and big data, to anticipate and respond to changes, while being alive to their potential misuse. Our capacity to learn and innovate will be underpinned by strong collaboration with the private sector and academic partners.


We will take a data-driven and co-designed approach to developing communication interventions that shape a balanced and objective narrative on migration and provide a platform for migrant voices to be heard. Our communications will position IOM as the leading authority on matters relating to migration, building awareness of our work and inspiring people to support our vision. Improved internal communication will ensure employees stay connected to their workplace, identify with IOM’s values and vision, and develop a sense of belonging.

Internal Systems

As IOM evolves, so must its organizational infrastructure and ways of working. The increased use of secure digital technologies and digitized information and data will improve and streamline processes and efficiency across the Organization. We will strike a balance between high compliance standards and robust risk management practices, while ensuring that our internal systems and processes are as accessible and user-friendly as possible. Enhanced strategies to manage security risks will be implemented to enable IOM’s programming without exposing staff and assets to unnecessary risk. Our internal systems prevent fraud, corruption, and misuse of resources and other forms of misconduct.



Across the Organization and throughout our programmes we hold ourselves to the highest standards, because it’s the right thing to do and because it will deliver the best results for migrants, Member States and our staff.

cross cutting

Integrity, Transparency and Accountability

Our leadership will oversee an organizational culture and internal systems that promote integrity, accountability and transparency. We will measure our progress against clearly defined goals and objectives, which will improve the visibility of our results for Member States and the people we serve. IOM will facilitate transparent discussions about our results and take corrective actions where necessary. We continue to strengthen our response to ethical challenges faced by our workforce, and by the individuals and communities with which we work.

IOM strives to uphold the dignity and human rights of all persons throughout their migration journey. We will address unequal opportunities and outcomes experienced by migrants and our staff based on sex, gender, age, race, ethnicity or disability. We will systematically dismantle the attitudinal, environmental and institutional barriers preventing us from achieving our targets. These efforts will be underpinned by meaningful consultations with, active participation of, and representation by all sectors of society, including youth, indigenous communities and women.

IOM is committed to placing the human rights and well-being of all migrants at the centre of our operations and decision-making. IOM will support the efforts of States to fulfil their responsibilities to reduce protection risks and address the needs of the most vulnerable. We will be guided by rights-based approaches across our migration programming, demonstrate commitment to child safeguarding, involve the individuals and communities we serve in decision-making, and protect them from sexual exploitation and abuse.

IOM will lead environmental sustainability innovation for impact and scale in the humanitarian and migration management sector. Caring for people and the planet is one of our core values, and we are committed to mainstreaming environmental sustainability into our projects and programmes, and facilities management and operations. IOM will have an ambitious environmental governance and environmental management system, drawing from United Nations system-wide commitments.