IOM is an Executive Partner in the Capacity for Disaster Reduction Initiative (CADRI). First established in 2007, this global partnership works towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals  by providing countries with a mechanism to mobilize and pool multi-disciplinary expertise to help reduce climate and disaster risk.  

By leveraging the specialized mandates and expertise of participating organizations across sectors, CADRI deploys experts to strengthen country risk information systems, support governments to lead inclusive, integrated, multi-sectoral diagnosis, planning and prioritization processes and improve country systems for disaster preparedness. 

At present, CADRI brings together IOM, FAO, UNDP, UNICEF and UNFPA (executive partners), GNDR, IFRC, OCHA, UNESCO, UNOPS, WFP, WHO, WMO (technical partners) and GFDRR, OECD, ODI, RedR Australia, UNDRR, UN WOMEN (advisory partners).  

IOM’s expanded role in the Partnership reflects the Organization’s commitment to whole-of-UN approaches and a prevention-focused agenda in line with the spirit of UN system reform, capitalizing on IOM’s unique migration mandate and specialized expertise on the mobility dimensions of risk and resilience. 

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