Capturing and Sharing Migrant's Stories

Designed by and for IOM field staff, Community Response helps demonstrate the impact of projects to key stakeholders by capturing feedback and testimonials of migrants, including their person-al journeys, achievements, and challenges.

  • RECORD interviews with community members using a simple smartphone, tripod and external mic. No expensive equipment required.
  • SELECT video, audio and photos to save locally to your phone. Communications are stored privately.
  • UPLOAD the videos to the digital platform for storage and post-production editing.
  • PUBLISH finalized video stories increasing your project's visibility.

Informed Consent is Obligatory Whenever We Collect Data, Photos, or Video... Community Response App Makes it Easy.

  • GET INFORMED CONSENT with the app’s user friendly digital consent form
  • COLLECT AND STORE names and contact details of every person photographed or filmed
  • ENSURE everyone photographed or filmed understands how and why their data will be used
  • PROTECT THE VULNERABLE who lack functional literacy and ensure full comprehension 

Integrated Dashboard

The Community Response Map dashboard puts the information collected from the app right at your fingertips. Authorized staff and partners can access real-time quantitative and qualitative feedback collected in the field. All personal information is encrypted in accordance with IOM data protection principles while an overview of the feedback received is publicly available for sharing with key stakeholders.

  • DEMONSTRATE project impact based on quantitative and qualitative feedback.
  • IDENTIFY areas for improvement within the project.
  • FILTER communications received by community members based on gender, theme, location etc.