As the world convenes in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, between 30 November and 12 December 2023, for the 28th Conference of the Parties to UNFCCC (COP28), the International Organization for Migration is calling for common ambition and concrete actions to address climate change and its impacts on migration.

The implications of the climate crisis on migration are profound. The year 2022 registered a total of 31.8 million internal displacements due to weather-related hazards, the highest number ever recorded (IDMC GRID 2023). Without early and concerted climate and development action today, projections show that over 216 million people could become internal climate migrants by 2050 (World Bank Groundswell Report, 2022).

Stakeholders working in climate change, migration as well as humanitarian, development and peace sectors need to come together to address climate change and its impact on human mobility. The role of youth, migrants, indigenous people, women and diasporas must be considered central as agents of change. As we think of tomorrow and act today, we must also mobilize everyone, including public and private actors, to enable forward-looking and innovative solutions for people to stay, for people on the move and for people to move.

At COP28, we must deliver for humanity, for its dignity and for future generations.

Let’s think of tomorrow, act today.

#ClimateMigration #ClimateActionNow


DG Message on COP28