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Pilar, Diseñadora Gráfica
Phnom Penh
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Marie, NGO worker
Siem Reap
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Camila, Fotógrafo y Body Art Profesional
Phnom Penh
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Cambodia’s porous borders, poverty and geographic location render the country a major point of origin, destination and transit for irregular migrants. An increasing number of Cambodian irregular migrants are apprehended in neighbouring countries. Government operational and administrative capacity needs to be enhanced in the area of migration management. Responses include cross-border technical cooperation, capacity building with regard to bilateral and regional border checkpoints, preventing migration-related crime, awareness-raising on the risks of irregular migration and improving labour migration management.

Counter Trafficking

Trafficking in persons remains an increasing concern in the country and surrounding region. New trends include women being subject to forced marriage abroad and the increasing number of male Cambodian victims indentified in forced labour trafficking situations within the regional fishing industry. As Cambodians continue to migrate abroad through irregular channels, risks to human trafficking and labour exploitation increase. Recent trends have shown that more and more Cambodian men are abused and exploited in the regional fishing industry, having been trafficked through neighbouring countries and ending up stranded further abroad. With the support of the international community, including IOM, the Government of Cambodia (GoC) has built a comprehensive legal and institutional framework to address trafficking in persons. However, much remains to be done to foster the effective enforcement of the provisions adopted, while a need for clarifying the roles and responsibilities of relevant government agencies involved in eliminating trafficking has been emphasized most recently. Cross-border cooperation with neighbouring countries, notably with Thailand and Vietnam, has also been indicated as a key area in need of improvement for prevention, protection, return of victims, and prosecution of perpetrators. While regional partnership and formal agreements have been developed, implementation of such agreements remains challenging on both sides of the border. Watch video: Trafficked to Sea: IOM Cambodia's Repatriation Programme

IOM Member State since 2002
CapitalPhnom Penh
Population (2015): 15.6 million
Area: 181,035 km sq
Languages: Khmer, French
Currency: Riel (KHR)
GDP per Capita PPP (2014):USD 3,242
HDI Rank (2014):143 of 188
Remittances (2014 estimate): USD 304 million
Net Migration Rate (2015-2020): -1.9 migrants/1,000 population
Immigrants (2015): 0.5%
Women as a Percentage of Immigrants (2015): 46.1%
Population under 15 (2015): 31.6%
Adult HIV Prevalence (2014): 0.6%

International Organization for Migration (IOM)
Sayon Building, No. 42, 3rd Floor
Samdach Pann Street (214), Sangkat Boeung Raing,
Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh, 120204

P.O. Box 435
General Post Office
Phnom Penh

Tel: +855 23 21 65 32, +855 23 21 41 32
Fax: +855 23 21 64 23
Email: iomphnompenh@iom.int