Facts and Figures
16.4 million
Net Migration Rate
0.5 migrants/ 1,000 population
Women as a Percentage of Immigrants

The IOM Mission in Chad was established in 2009. The mission works in coordination with the Chadian authorities and local partners in various areas, including community stabilization, humanitarian assistance (shelter, non-food items, displacement monitoring, camp management), durable solutions for migrants and displaced populations (resettlement, assisted voluntary return), migration policy development, diaspora engagement, immigration and border management, peacebuilding and mediation, counter-trafficking, migration data and research, and transhumance management.

IOM’s presence in Chad is made of a main office in N’Djamena and sub-offices in Baga Sola, Bol, Farchana, Faya, Moussoro, Goré, Ounianga-Kébir and Maro. IOM also maintains a presence directly or through implementing partners in the city of Zouarké.

IOM in Chad is a member of the United Nations Country Team.

Migrant Protection and Assistance

EUTF-IOM Joint Initiative for Migrant Protection and Reintegration in Chad

The project aims to improve protection, provide direct assistance, and enable assisted voluntary return of vulnerable migrants, reintegration support for Chadian migrants returning home, sensitizing communities on the dangers and risks linked to irregular migration, and building capacities of stakeholders including government entities on protection of migrants.


  • DG INTPA - The European Union Trust Fund
Immigration and Border Management

Provide technical assistance to the Chadian government in addressing the challenges of migration management, including trafficking.

This project contributes to the strengthening of Chad’s technical capacity to effectively address current border management challenges in northern Chad and along the border with Sudan, including addressing capacity gaps to combat trafficking in persons


  • Italian Agency for Development Cooperation


Survey on Border Management in the Sahel Region amid COVID-19 

This project aims to contribute to adapt and support border management in the Sahel region in COVID-19 context. Through a regional analysis of COVID-19 impact on Border Management in Sahel region, it will improve understanding of common regional issues on border management. In addition to collecting and analyzing information, pilot activities such as training activities and community engagement activities will be implemented as part of this project. Thus, this project will provide the opportunity for IOM and JICA to collect all essential information on the realities and gaps at points of entries (PoE) and along the borders and the result of the analysis will be used in formulating new technical or financial cooperation projects to address common regional issues on border management.


  • Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
Labour Migration and Human Development

Fostering enhanced understanding of remittances in Chad

The project proposes to conduct a study on the dimensions and scope of remittances in Chad to contribute to informed decision-making that will enable the government to identify next steps to utilize remittances as a tool to support the national development efforts. As the first study of its kind, the study will address significant information gaps currently preventing evidence-based decision-making in this context. The information produced from this intervention, will also aid in identifying current challenges and potential opportunities to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment in the economic context. Through the development of a final report, including tailored recommendations for stakeholders, the establishment of an inter-disciplinary committee, the creation of a road map to guide future efforts and a guide for Ambassadors on remittances, the proposed intervention will enhance the Government of Chad’s ability to utilize remittances for development, ultimately aiding in finding sustainable solutions to improve the livelihood of its citizens.


  • The IOM Development Fund (IDF)


Chad Migration Profile: Strengthening Data to Inform Decision-Making

The project will support the development of the first comprehensive Migration Profile for Chad.


  • The IOM Development Fund (IDF)
Migration Health

Health Assessment in Africa

Health Assessment Program. This program provides health assistance throughout the resettlement process and ensures that all migrants/refugees travelling under the auspices of IOM receive the necessary travel health assistance so that Migrants/refugees and countries are better prepared for maintaining good health along the migration continuum.


  • US Refugee Loan Fund
  • Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada
  • Department of Home Affairs Australia
  • Government of France Government
  • Swedish Migration Agency.


Expanded Vaccination and Presumptive Treatment for US-Bound Refugees

A project aimed to provide vaccination and presumptive treatment to prevent common vaccine-preventable diseases.


  • US Bureau for Population, Refugees and Migration
  • Centre for Disease Control
Resettlement and Movement Management

Providing Refugee Resettlement Assistance to the Government of France

The project supports the Government of France’s program to provide protection and durable solutions for vulnerable refugees through resettlement. IOM works to coordinate and implement pre-departure and post-arrival activities including case processing, health assessments, movement operations and relevant assistance to ensure the safe, dignified, and organized arrival to France.


  • Ministry of Interior (France), French Office for Protection of Refugees and Stateless Persons Resettlement


Providing Refugees Resettlement to the United States of America

The project supports the Government of USA and Self payer to provide protection and durable solutions for vulnerable refugees through resettlement. IOM works to coordinate and implement pre-departure and post-arrival activities including case processing, health assessments, movement operations and relevant assistance to ensure the safe, dignified, and organized arrival to USRAP.


  • United States of America Refugees Program


Support to Refugees during the Overseas Application Process for Resettlement to Canada and Prior to Departure

The project provides essential pre-departure processing services for refugees who have been selected for resettlement to Canada.


  • Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, Canada


Providing refugees resettlement to Sweden

The project provides essential pre-departure processing services for refugees who have been selected for resettlement to Sweden.


  • Sweden Migration Agency


Providing Refugees Assistance for Resettlement to Australia

The project provides essential pre-departure processing services for refugees who have been selected for resettlement to Australia.


  • Government of Australia
Preparedness and Response

Emergency assistance to displaced populations in the Lake Chad region (Chad, Cameroon, Nigeria)

The main objective of this regional project is to provide humanitarian assistance to crisis-affected population through three main pillars: 

  • Shelter and NFI provision for most vulnerable displaced persons. 
  • Displacement Tracking and Mobility Mapping to ensure timely and precise information on displaced populations needs to impact accurately and effectively the decision-making processes of the humanitarian community and governments. 
  • Mental Health & Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) through a participatory approach for survivors of violence by providing survivor-centered, community, culturally sensitive services contributing to reducing psychosocial vulnerabilities while promoting community resilience and ownership following IOM Institutional Framework for Addressing GBV in Crisis


  • The Federal Republic of Germany


Humanitarian assistance for IDPs in the Lake Chad province

The aim of this project is to provide direct humanitarian assistance in the Lake to most vulnerable IDPs in the Lake Chad province through site improvement, WASH, distribution of Shelter and Non-Food Items activities.


  • The Republic of Korea 


Cooperation on Migration and Partnerships to Achieve Sustainable Solutions (COMPASS)

The project’s objective is to contribute to protection and assistance of people on the move and decreased irregular migration through strengthened research and displacement tracking.


  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands


Dignified shelters and essential household items for the most vulnerable displaced people in the Forkouloum and Amma 3 sites in the Lac Province  

Promote access to decent housing and essential tools for household life to recent displaced people in the sites of the Province of Lac. 


  • The United Nations Central Emergency Fund (CERF)
Transition and Recovery

Balke - Safety and stability in northern Chad

The project aims to strengthen the stability and human security in marginalized communities in northern Chad, which are affected by the conflict between the State, rebel and criminal groups, including gangs, and local populations, and who face challenges related to irregular migration (including trafficking in persons, recruitment in illegal activities) to gold mines located in the Tibesti and southern Libya regions.


  • Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany


Empowering vulnerable young people in Chad to become peacebuilding agents

The project aims to address intergenerational conflict around the issue of irregular migration towards the extreme north of Chad by promoting dialogue between youth and formal and traditional authorities and by addressing the socio-economic needs of youth in their communities.



Promote peacebuilding through conflict resolution and dialogue between communities and local authorities in northern Chad

The project’s objective is to strengthen trust and cohesion between the various local actors by setting up spaces for meetings and inclusive dialogues at the local level, to improve the dialogue between the central and local decision-making level, notably through the intermediary of the High Commission for Affairs. traditional (representing in N'Djamena the interests of local traditional authorities) finally by setting up peace dividend activities: i.e. financing of local projects chosen jointly by / and benefiting local communities (installation of community mills / gardens managed jointly, financing of common structures benefiting the social cohesion of the community).


  • The United Nations Peacebuilding fund
Community Stabilization

Community Stabilization through Durable Return Solutions, Governance and Livelihood Development in the wider Lake Chad Region

The project aims to support a holistic community stabilization process in conflict-affected communities and youth at risk in the wider Lake Chad region thus addressing the lack of social cohesion in the wider Lake Region and strengthen overall community resilience to key drivers of fragility to support durable solutions.


  • Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA)


Disengagement, Disassociation, Reintegration, and Reconciliation: Conflict Dissolution and Peacebuilding in the Lake Chad Region (Chad, Niger, Nigeria, and Cameroon)

This project aims to support the civilian government of Chad to develop and implement effective strategies and action plans to manage the growing number of people who have defected or disengaged from armed groups.


  • US Department of State


Ngasso – Community Stabilization and Economic Recovery for Women in Lac Province

The project aims to reduce the risk of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) towards women by supporting the availability of local economic opportunities to women living in Dar Al Amni displacement site, resulting in the creation of a women-managed community garden with off-grid and sustainable irrigation.


  • Australian Embassy’s Direct Aid Program (DAP)
  • Ministry of Economy and Development Planning
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs, African Integration and International Cooperation, 
  • Ministry of Public Health
  • Ministry of Higher Education
  • Ministry of Women, Early Childhood and National Solidarity
  • Ministry of New Technologies of Health Information
  • Ministry of Justice
  • Ministry of Public Security and Immigration
  • Ministry of Environment and Climate Change
  • Ministry of Territorial Administration and Local Governance
  • The National Commission for the Reintegration of Refugees and Returnees
  • The Chadian Red Cross
  • Union des journalistes tchadiens
  • Institut National de la Statistique, des Etudes Economiques et Démographiques (INSEED)
  • Réseau des Femmes Ministres et Parlementaires/Tchad (REFAMPT)
  • UN Country Team
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