Facts and Figures
Population (2020)
2.1 million
Net Migration Rate (2021)
-0.7 migrants/ 1,000 population
Remittances (2021)
USD 561.5 million
Women as a Percentage of Immigrants (2020)

Lesotho was admitted as an IOM Member State on 29 November 2010. It comes under the purview of the IOM Regional Office for Southern Africa in Pretoria.

Migration initiatives

In 2020, IOM in Lesotho will support the Government for the following:

  • Enhance Lesotho law enforcement institutions’ understanding of best practices to identify trafficked persons, investigate trafficking cases and prosecute traffickers and apply the gained skills and knowledge in their work.
  • Support the Government to ensure that the rights of Basotho migrant workers are upheld by employers and host governments through the regularization of labour movements. IOM will also support the Government in the implementation of potential bilateral labour agreements in order to bring a developmental impact from the regular migration.
  • IOM is developing evidence and whole-of-government approaches through the National Consultative Committee, which consists of various ministries, migrant support organizations, private sector and NGOs. IOM continues to support the annual review for Migration Governance Index in order to enhance evidence-based approach.
  • IOM intends to support the administration of the migration profile for Lesotho.
  • Support the creation of the Basotho diaspora association. An emigrant support model could be considered to extend support for Basotho vulnerable migrants abroad, and IOM intends to pilot emigrant support activities through the soon-to-be established diaspora association.
  • Expand return and reintegration support for stranded migrants and forced migrants. IOM will support the Government in screening migrants at the borders and provide tailored shelter, education, livelihood and health assistance.
  • Support the Government to enhance border and migration management through capacity-building for immigration and border officials, as well as provision of equipment to strengthen security of the borders/airport, and travellers’ complaints/feedback mechanism.
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For more information on IOM activities in Lesotho, contact the IOM Regional Office for Southern Africa.

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