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IOM in the Marshall Islands

IOM is an inter-governmental organization known for its dynamic work in the field of migration. The Organization has a global presence with over 450 offices worldwide, including four offices in the north Pacific region.

The Head Office overseeing IOM’s operations across the expansive north pacific region is located in Pohnpei, the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM). IOM also has sub-offices in the FSM States of Chuuk and Yap, as well as, a sub-office in Majuro, in the Republic of the Marshall Islands. One of the ongoing functions of IOM in the region is to assist the host governments and the United States government in disaster mitigation, relief and reconstruction activities. As of March, IOM is also managing a program on behalf of the Australian Government, which aims to build the resilience of communities to natural hazards and enable them to adapt appropriately to climate change.

With the recent admission of the FSM as a member state, IOM is exploring opportunities for expanding its activities into other areas, such as combating trafficking in persons, labour migration and cultural orientation.

For more information, please visit the website for IOM Micronesia and the Marshall Islands.


International Organization for Migration (IOM)
Restaurant Annex
Long Island Lagoon side
MH 96960, Majuro
Republic of the Marshall Islands

Tel: +692 247 47 05
Fax: +692 247 72 15
Website: micronesia.iom.int

Current Vacancies in IOM the Marshall Islands