Facts and Figures
GDP per Capita PPP (2021)
USD 18,222.3 (World Bank)
1.5 million
0.6% (World Bank)
Net Migration Rate
1.7 migrants/1,000 population

Trinidad and Tobago is one of the most prosperous countries in the Caribbean, primarily due to significant oil and natural gas resources, high levels of direct foreign investment and an expanding tourist industry. The “pull” factor is therefore strong; available data suggest that one-third of intra-Caribbean migrants reside in Trinidad and Tobago. 

Trinidad and Tobago faces considerable security challenges and is an active transit point for regional and extra-regional irregular migration to North America and Europe. People smugglers and human traffickers are active, taking advantage of porous borders. Governments in the region, including Trinidad and Tobago, remain particularly concerned about the vulnerability of their borders to transnational organized crime networks.  

Similar to other Caribbean countries, emigration of skilled workers has been an issue for Trinidad and Tobago, with about 29% of Trinidad and Tobago nationals living abroad in 2020. 

Furthermore, since 2018 Trinidad and Tobago has experienced unprecedented flows of migrants from Venezuela. Based on the Regional Inter-agency Coordination Platform for Venezuelans (R4V) - Refugees and Migrant Response, it is estimated that a total of 38,000 Venezuelan refugees and migrants will reside in Trinidad and Tobago by the end of 2023. This increase is noteworthy considering that in 2019, a  total of 16,523 Venezuelan migrants were registered by the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and reports indicated that approximately 14,000 had re-registered in March 2021. 

As a Small Island Development State, Trinidad and Tobago is vulnerable to slow onset environmental degradation, which is estimated to affect mobility patterns in the upcoming years. 

IOM Port of Spain Office

IOM Port-of-Spain has maintained an office in Trinidad and Tobago since 2006. IOM works with key stakeholders including Government and civil society to promote safe and orderly migration, social cohesion, and sustainable development through migration management.   

In line with national development priorities, recent work has involved: 

Recent Work: 

  • Direct Emergency Assistance to vulnerable migrants including Victims of Trafficking 
  • Resettlement of Refugees 
  • Technical Assistance and Capacity Building 
  • Data Collection 
  • Counselling and Psychosocial Support 
Contact information

International Organization for Migration (IOM) 
Ministry of National Security 
Temple Court 2, 50-62 Abercromby Street 
Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago 

Tel:    +868 627-6969, +1 868-623-7056 
Fax:    +868 625 5009 
Email: iomportofspain@iom.int 
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