The Department of Operations and Emergencies (DOE) coordinates IOM’s participation in humanitarian responses, as well as movement and resettlement operations. DOE supports the work of its field offices, Member States and partners in the areas of preparedness, disaster risk reduction, prevention, protection, humanitarian response, peacebuilding, as well as protracted displacement and post-crisis transition and recovery activities.  

The Department also coordinates with and advises other migration services within the Organization on issues such as health, climate change, humanitarian border management and counter-human trafficking in crisis contexts. It further oversees specialized initiatives related to humanitarian principles, cash-based initiatives, protection mainstreaming and protection from sexual abuse and exploitation.  

DOE is composed of three divisions: 

Preparedness and Response Division 

Preparedness and Response

The Preparedness and Response Division (PRD) bolsters the Organization’s efforts to prepare for emergencies and to provide timely life-saving responses to populations displaced by crises. The Division undertakes the collection and analysis of information, conducts contingency planning and acts as IOM’s early warning service for humanitarian crises.  

Transition and Recovery Division  

Transition and Recovery

IOM's Transition and Recovery Division (TRD) oversees programming that supports States and populations to prevent displacement and other migration crises and to progress towards solutions by promoting recovery and resilience. TRD applies development-principled approaches specifically adapted to fragile and crisis contexts working across the humanitarian-development-peace nexus. TRD's multi-sectoral interventions complement IOM's lifesaving assistance activities, building on humanitarian gains to ensure an effective transition to recovery and sustainable development.  

Resettlement and Movement Management Division 

Resettlement and Movement

The Resettlement and Movement Management Division (RMM) is responsible for implementing various types of resettlement activities and support to all IOM movement operations – inclusive of maritime, air, and land movements – to ensure a range of humanitarian solutions and effective migration.  

RMM upholds the principles of IOM while supporting a variety of activities from rescuing highly vulnerable individuals, to large scale evacuation of migrants, as well as traditional refugee resettlement, and other humanitarian cases. RMM continues to support the establishment and expansion of complementary pathways and other humanitarian admission programmes.  

RMM provides oversight for the movement management of all IOM operations as well as sets the policy, programmatic and resource management aspect of the Organization's involvement in the areas of humanitarian movement assistance. The Division negotiates, oversees and maintains the Organization's global airline and charter agreements as well as other transport providers and is the focal point for managing movements of IOM-assisted passengers travelling by air, land or sea. 

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