Diversity and Inclusion at IOM

Where we stand on Diversity 

At IOM we value and invite diversity into our workforce as we know it is one of the factors that make us qualified to deal with the complex issue of migration.  We see diversity as one of our organizational strengths. Our aim is to foster an inclusive workplace where everyone treats each other (including colleagues and beneficiaries) with dignity and respect. 

At IOM we welcome applications from qualified individuals, irrespective of their race, religion, skin color, nationality, age, disability status, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, marital status, family structure, mental health status, or any other characteristic. Our policies encourage a workplace free from discrimination and any form of harassment. 

We are constantly seeking to improve our policies and practices to be at the forefront of workplace diversity and inclusion standards, in line with human rights principles.  

The working languages of IOM are English, French and Spanish. 

Who are we? 


Is IOM a place for you? 

IOM implements projects around the world to support governments and migrants in promoting humane and orderly migration. 

This broad range of job profiles calls for talented professionals with academic backgrounds that may include: international relations, law, medical professions, business, communication, information technology, finance and accounting, project management, human resource management, security, international development and others.  

You can read more about the areas of work of IOM on this page.  

Is there a place for you at IOM? 

With presence in capital cities around the world, in rural areas and in emergency situations, the range of work at IOM is extremely varied.  

We have policies that specifically seek to accommodate the different situations and needs of our staff, for example:  

Parents and families 

IOM grants 16 weeks of paid maternity leave, in line with what other organizations in the UN common system offer. Paternity leave comprises 8 weeks of paid leave.  


As active participants in the UN System-wide Action Plan on Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (SWAP), and in the UN Secretary-General System-wide strategy on gender parity, IOM is aware of prevailing gender imbalances at certain grades where women are under-represented, but we are actively working towards parity though a number of interventions. 

At the moment there are special provisions that allow for external female candidates to be considered as (first-tier) candidates for positions at P4 level and above, where women are under-represented. 

We believe in promoting an enabling environment where all employees feel free to raise concerns regarding harassment, abuse of authority or other issues at any time.  

LGBTI staff 

We welcome individuals who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans and intersex at IOM. The organization recognizes eligible same-sex partners for the purposes of entitlements and benefits (for example for travel, relocation, health insurance and others).  

The IOM Standards of Conduct expressly forbid any type of discrimination in the workplace, including for LGBTI colleagues and beneficiaries.  

Every year IOM holds events around the world on the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (May 17), and a public statement from the Director General is released. Read the last one here

To date, more than 3,000 IOM staff have participated in training on LGBTI issues, and how to work with LGBTI individuals (beneficiaries and colleagues) and efforts continue. 

IOM offers support to the LGBTI Pulse Memorial Scholarship, created to provide financial support to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, and Queer, individuals between 18 and 26 who are in pursuit of a university or college degree. 

We maintain productive dialogue with UN-GLOBE, the UN System LGBT staff group.  

Staff with physical disabilities 

IOM has endorsed the Charter on Inclusion of persons with disabilities in humanitarian settings, and is an active member of the IASC Task Team on Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Humanitarian Action. The Organization also put forward several commitments at programme’s level for the Global Disability Summit, London 2018. IOM’s commitments are publicly available here

Ongoing efforts are being made in the IOM workplace to be more disability-friendly and we are working with other UN entities to share best practices and adopt inclusive policies.  

Diversity of nationality and ethnicity 

At IOM we currently have 131 nationalities represented among our staff. We strive to have representation from all our 172 member states.  

Applicants who are nationals of a Non-Represented Member State and meet the qualifications for a vacancy are considered (first-tier) candidates for selection purposes. You can find a list of the current Non-Represented Member States in every vacancy announcement.  

If you are a national from one of those countries and would like to participate in a webinar that explains further how it is to work for IOM, please fill out this online form and we will invite you to participate in our next online event.  

We encourage members of indigenous communities to join our workforce as we believe their contribution is especially valuable to the migration and development agenda.  

Other issues 

IOM does not discriminate based on HIV status. Staff members and candidates who are living with HIV are advised to become members of UN Plus, the UN System HIV positive staff group.  

Similarly, we support UN Cares, the UN System-wide workplace program on HIV and its award-winning initiative: UN for All, bringing training on unconscious biases, human rights, respectful language and diversity for UN staff worldwide, including IOM workers. 

We have a comprehensive mental health strategy which focuses on prevention (through education, for example) and care. Staff counsellors are available to assist staff dealing with stress of mental health issues by either offering direct help or coordinating access to professional support. 

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