Diversity Internship

Every year IOM receives approximately 700 interns worldwide. IOM is present in more than 400 duty stations around the world assisting governments in managing migration flows while ensuring safe and orderly migration. We require a wide variety of professionals to carry out our mandate.  

Since 2018 approximately 20 internship positions per year are offered to talented junior professionals who are nationals of countries who are not part of the OECD-DAC list. At IOM we acknowledge that especially for nationals of some countries it is harder to reach our Headquarters in Switzerland and to travel to our other destinations to do an internship. This program addressed this imbalance by covering the travel and visa costs for these positions. This is interrupted now due to the COVID-19 epidemic and we hope to be able to resume in 2022. 

In 2021 selected candidates for these positions will receive:  

  • A monthly stipend, just as any other intern 
  • An additional monthly bonus to cover high speed internet costs and office supplies 
  • Personalized guidance on how to access international careers, CV drafting and more 

COVID-19 information: In 2021 all internships will continue to be done remotely. You can remain wherever you are while performing the duties assigned during your internship. Be mindful of the time difference. For example, if you are in the Americas and you apply for a position in Asia, it may require that you agree with your supervisor your work hours, and it may mean that on some days you will need to work night-time when it is daytime in Asia.  

Besides nationality, we especially encourage applications from qualified individuals with disabilities, ethnic or racial minorities, and LGBTIQ+ individuals.  

The positions open this year are:  

Vacancy No.  Duty Station  Position Title  Closing date 
INT 2021 01  Geneva, Switzerland  Accounting and Financial Analysis  2-May-21 
INT 2021 03  Geneva, Switzerland  International Partnership Division (IPD)  2-May-21 
INT 2021 02  Geneva, Switzerland  Immigration and Border Management  2-May-21 
INT 2021 17  Afghanistan  Data and Information Management Intern  2-May-21 
INT 2021 18  Germany  Missing Migrants Project/ Migration Data Portal  2-May-21 
INT 2021 04  Argentina  Project Development  2-May-21 
INT 2021 05  Uruguay  Resources Management Intern  2-May-21 
INT 2021 06  Egypt  Policy, Governance and Liaison Unit  2-May-21 
INT 2021 07  Sudan  Programme Support Unit Intern  2-May-21 
INT 2021 09  Côte d'Ivoire  Programme Management Intern  2-May-21 
INT 2021 08  Dakar, Senegal  Information Management Unit Intern  2-May-21 
INT 2021 10 Kenya  Migration Governance  2-May-21 
INT 2021 11  Djibouti  Project Development   2-May-21 
INT 2021 13  Zimbabwe  Humanitarian Development Nexus (HDN)  2-May-21 
INT 2021 12  Mauritius  Human Resources & Admin Intern  2-May-21 
INT 2021 14  Vienna, Austria  Information Management Intern  2-May-21 
INT 2021 15  Vienna, Austria  Labour Mobility & Human Development (LHD)  2-May-21 
INT 2021 16  Kyiv, Ukraine  Migration, Environment and Climate Change (MECC)  2-May-21 
INT 2021 19  Geneva, Switzerland  Resettlement and Migration Management  2-May-21 
Pending  Micronesia  Programme Support Unit Intern  Coming soon 
Pending  Thailand  Media and Communications  Coming soon 
Pending  Geneva, Switzerland  HR Policy, HRM Division  Coming soon 

Applications must be made via the online portal (e-recruit). We suggest that besides filling out all required fields you also upload a short cover letter and CV.  

Please explore the IOM website for more information about the work and the mandate of the organization and recruitment information.