Global Commission on International Migration

The Global Commission on International Migration, the first-ever global panel addressing international migration, was officially launched by the United Nations Secretary-General and a number of governments on 9 December 2003 in Geneva. It was composed of 19 members, drawn from all regions and bringing together a wide range of migration perspectives and expertise.

In promoting a comprehensive debate on international migration, the Commission sought to develop a broader understanding of international migration by:

  • reviewing government and other migration expertise, policy approaches and best practices in all regions
  • conducting research and exploring migration interlinkages with such areas as:
    • development
    • trade
    • human security
    • demography
    • forced displacement
    • migrant remittances
    • international cooperation
    • private sector involvement
    • the role of the media
    • national and international security
  • collecting and disseminating migration-related information, and
  • maintaining an overall focus on how to strengthen the international governance of migration. 

The Global Commission on International Migration finished its work on 31 December 2005.