Individual factors are those related to individuals that either increase or decrease their likelihood of experiencing violence, exploitation or abuse before, during or after migrating. This toolkit provides guidance on how to assess the ways in which individual-level factors influence an individual’s vulnerability by using the questionnaires provided.  

Use of the individual-level questionnaires can only provide a partial understanding of any individual’s vulnerability: the information gathered through their use should be complemented by information gathered using the household/ family, community and structural level tools which links can be found at the bottom of this page. This will allow for a more complete understanding of the individual’s vulnerability and how the factors at various levels are interacting and operating to shape their vulnerability.  

This toolkit contains: (a) a discussion of different individual-level factors and how they influence vulnerability; (b) guidance on how to adapt and use the questionnaires, (c) a suite of questionnaires to be used to gather the information needed to assess the impact of individual-level factors on an individual’s vulnerability. 

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