Migration Research Series

The Migration Research Series focuses on policy-oriented and empirical research and analysis with the aim to contribute to a better understanding of the multidimensional aspects of migration and inform migration policies at the national, regional and international levels.

All publications are freely available online in IOM Online Bookstore, thereby ensuring a wide reach and impact among policymakers, as well as practitioners, scholars, researchers and students interested in issues related to migration.

Submission criteria and process

IOM welcomes submissions of papers on any policy-relevant issue related to migration and migrants (empirical research desirable). Papers should be of a maximum of 4,000 words, follow the style guide and be submitted in Word format by email to research@iom.int referring to ‘MRS submission’ in the subject line. All submitted papers will be sent to peer reviewers and IOM will endeavor to give authors a final decision on publication within a two-month timeframe after submission.

Download the latest MRS publications

MRS No. 53 (2018) – International Migration, Internal Migration, Mobility and Urbanization: Towards More Integrated Approaches

“The idea that most people do not move or are fixed at a specific location might be appealing but it is wrong. Mobility is an inherent characteristic of all populations unless specific policies or other factors are in place that limit or control that mobility.”

Authored by Prof. Ronald Skeldon, this new publication in the IOM Migration Research Series explores migration as one of the most problematic of the population variables. While reviewing the various instruments to measure international and internal migration, the research questions the tendency to consider the diverse forms of mobility separately from one another. The publication argues that human mobility is best conceived as a system that integrates internal and international migration within a single framework and that gives due account to tourism and its significant linkages with migration.