Argentina Hosts Forum on Migration, Trade and the Global Economy

 Buenos Aires – The International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD) in collaboration with IOM, the UN Migration Agency and the Fundación Foro del Sur yesterday (14/12) organized the Forum on Migration, Trade and the Global Economy in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
The one-day event promotes a better understanding of the link between migration and international trade, through a dialogue based on the latest research, and a review of experiences and existing networks. 

The Forum gathered global experts, policymakers and researches to explore key areas such as policies and frameworks governing international markets in goods, services, investment and the knowledge economy, the impact of digital and other technologies, innovation networks, policy coherence, diaspora communities, labour mobility in regional integration processes and agreements between neighbouring countries.

“The cross-causality of trade and migration is a foundational dimension of the global economy,” said Ricardo Meléndez-Ortiz, ICTSD Chief Executive during the opening ceremony. “ICTSD and its partners consider it imperative to foster at this time a fuller understanding of the complexity of the linkages and offer dialogue platforms for better policy,” he added.

“The positive contribution of migration to development is recognized in the New York Declaration and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development,” stated Diego Beltrand, IOM Regional Director for South America.

“It is obvious that migrants contribute to trade and investment through their work, small businesses, knowledge and technology; however, we are aware that more research on the link between migration and trade is required,” said Beltrand.

The President of Fundación Foro del Sur Aníbal Jozami, explained: “This Forum is a new and innovative way for international organizations to approach the migration issue. The great philosopher Ibn Arabi said that we are all travelers since we were banned from Paradise. Thus, it is time to overcome prejudices and to acknowledge that migrants not only contribute to cultural diversity but also they are a fundamental piece in every nation's economic development.”

Given the strong evidence suggesting that migration and trade are intrinsically linked, the Forum is a starting point to delineate a road map that allows strengthening the link between migration and international trade. IOM acknowledges this link and continues to promote actions among governments that realize the full potential of migration for the benefit of countries of origin and destination, including migrants themselves.

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