Better Health Support for People in Crisis Situations Under Direct Relief Agreement

Medical and surgical equipment, and medicines donated by Direct Relief arrive in Jordan as part of the partnership with IOM. Photo: IOM Jordan 2024

Geneva/Washington, 1 March – The International Organization for Migration (IOM) and Direct Relief have joined forces to deliver medicines and medical supplies to migrants and their host communities in crisis situations. This collaboration, formalized through a global agreement signed today, marks a milestone in enhancing emergency health response to crisis-affected populations.

Already, the partnership has yielded significant results with the delivery (29 February) of a fully equipped field hospital in support of the health services provided by the Jordanian Royal Medical Services in Gaza. This invaluable contribution includes 50 beds and 38 tents, along with essential medical and surgical equipment, and medicines crucial for treating patients inside Gaza.

"Our partnership with Direct Relief opens doors to resources that are vital for delivering urgent medicines and supplies to those in need, particularly in moments of crisis," said Ugochi Daniels, IOM's Deputy Director General for Operations. Central to this landmark partnership is the provision of medicines, medical equipment, and healthcare supplies. This critical assistance will strengthen IOM's capacity to respond swiftly to the acute health needs of migrants and mobile populations during humanitarian and public health emergencies.

Beyond immediate relief efforts, the partnership will also support emergency preparedness and response activities. This includes initiatives to stockpile and pre-position medical supplies in collaboration with IOM host countries. By enhancing coordination and response mechanisms, IOM and Direct Relief aim to fortify the sustainability and resilience of health systems in the face of crises.

“Direct Relief is so pleased to join in partnership with IOM to help address the tremendous humanitarian health needs that exist among the world’s migrants and the communities that host them,” said Thomas Tighe, Chief Executive Officer of Direct Relief. “Private, philanthropic resources have always been an important part of the humanitarian assistance efforts for migrants, and we look forward to extending a broader invitation to participate – in a productive, efficient manner through coordination with IOM, which will optimize all available resources and best serve people in need.”

Additionally, the collaboration will extend its reach to encompass data collection and analysis in displacement settings, enabling more effective decision-making and targeted response efforts. Through joint research and analysis, IOM and Direct Relief will gain a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by migrants and mobile populations to inform evidence-based interventions.

As the partnership between IOM and Direct Relief takes shape, both organizations strive towards advancing healthcare access and health equity for migrants on a global scale.


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