A Decisive Year for Yemen: IOM Appeals for USD 183 Million to Provide Relief to Over 4 Million People in Need

IOM’s health outreach team provides primary health care services and medicine in a displacement site in Ta’iz. Photo: IOM/ Majed Mohammed 

Geneva – The International Organization for Migration (IOM) joins the humanitarian community to call for greater funding to provide relief to tens of millions of people affected by the crisis in Yemen at today’s Yemen High-level Pledging Event for 2023. 

IOM Yemen’s USD 183 million appeal for 2023, launching today, focuses on the provision of aid for crisis-affected communities who continue to rely on humanitarian assistance for their survival – including over 200,000 migrants and some 4.5 million Yemenis displaced within the country. 

“The people of Yemen will soon enter their ninth year of conflict. Tens of millions of people are living on the edge of catastrophe,” said António Vitorino, IOM's Director General, in his address to member states and humanitarian actors at the event held in Geneva today. “Schools, hospitals and other basic services have been pushed to their brink – especially in areas hosting those forced to flee.” 

IOM has one of the largest humanitarian footprints on the ground in Yemen – particularly in Ma’rib and along the west coast, areas where the majority of the displaced seek refuge. Without this critical funding, IOM operations would be forced to scale down and tens of thousands of people already living on the edge in these hard-to-reach areas could lose assistance. 

The appeal also charts the way forward for initiatives that promote durable solutions for recovery and resilience by addressing drivers of conflict, improving access to livelihood opportunities and empowering communities vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate change. 

Additionally, it outlines plans to further restore public services via infrastructure and capacity building support to schools, health facilities and water facilities. 

Despite a significant decrease in displacement and civilian casualties during last year’s six-month UN-brokered truce, humanitarian needs continued to worsen across the country – particularly as the country experienced a weakened economy, devastating drought and flooding, and rising food and fuel prices. 

If fully funded, IOM teams on the ground will be able to reach 4.6 million people with emergency cash, shelter, camp management, health, protection, and water, sanitation and hygiene services in addition to transition and recovery activities that support reduced dependence on humanitarian assistance in the long term.   

“2023 is a decisive year for Yemen. At a time when humanitarian funding is on the decline, we must not allow the people of Yemen to be forgotten,” added Vitorino. 

Vitorino also highlighted the grave dangers facing migrants who remain one of the most marginalized and neglected groups in Yemen.  

In 2022, IOM’s Displacement Tracking Matrix estimated that 73,233 migrants arrived in Yemen from the Horn of Africa, almost triple the number of migrants that arrived the year prior. Most endure trafficking, violence and other human rights violations on their journey throughout the country. 

IOM will scale up its vital health and protection assistance to migrants stranded across the country in 2023. This includes IOM’s lifesaving Voluntary Humanitarian Return (VHR) programme which helped more than 4,000 migrants to return home in safety and dignity last year.  

With the generosity of donors and partners, the Organization reached over 3.65 million people last year. More significant contributions in the year ahead will allow teams to make an even greater impact. 

IOM’s Global Crisis Response Platform provides an overview of IOM’s plans and funding requirements to respond to the evolving needs and aspirations of those impacted by, or at risk of, crisis and displacement in 2023 and beyond. The Platform is regularly updated as crises evolve, and new situations emerge.  

Download the IOM Appeal Yemen here


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