Displacement Spikes in Yemen’s Taizz Governorate as Clashes Intensify in Al Mokha City

Yemen - Some 273,780 people are displaced in Yemen’s Taizz Governorate, according to IOM’s most recent Task Force on Population Movements (TFPM) report. This places it among the top five IDP-hosting governorates in the country.

For almost 20 months, Taizz has been the centre of intensive ground clashes, military confrontations and aerial strikes between battling groups in Yemen. The clashes have led to the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people both within and outside the governorate.

Following mass displacement from Al Mokha, a major port city in Taizz, in February, IOM initiated its Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) to monitor their movement and humanitarian needs. So far, at least 25,000 individuals have been reported as displaced from Al Mokha, according to the DTM. IOM is currently preparing its response for the newly displaced families from Al Mokha.

“Using the DTM to collect data on the vulnerabilities of the displaced population and their host communities is essential to our work, if we want to plan an effective, efficient and impactful humanitarian response,” said Laurent de Boeck, IOM Yemen Chief of Mission.

“This much-needed data has enabled the entire humanitarian community in Yemen to increase the amount and accuracy of vital support and protection it provides to affected populations. I hope that we can continue to do more – even faster – to guarantee that our responses really reach those most in need.”

Since the start of the conflict in March 2015, IOM has tracked up to 426,672 IDPs and 78,258 returnees in the governorate of Taizz.

IOM Yemen’s displacement tracking is funded by the US Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA), the UK Department for International Development (DFID), and the Humanitarian Pooled Fund (HPF). IOM is seeking additional funding to expand its operations to respond to the needs of the most vulnerable in Yemen.

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